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Making your video (screen) larger?!

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is there any way that you can make your own screen larger? (on mac)

coz now it is so tiny, and you can barely see youself!


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This is an often complained about bug in the current Mac version.


Try clicking once on your picture-in-picture.  Clicking once will toggle your PIP between small and very tiny.  Clicking again toggles it back.


But once you've got your PIP to small, rather than tiny, there's no way to make it any larger.


There's an existing thread about this on the Skpe developers' Jira forum.  Feel free to add a comment there if you'd like to:

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can someone help me make my screen larger i don't have mac, but i have windows XP! and its very tiny. is there any way to make it atleast bigger or the same size?

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Get back to an older version i use and that is not much different for the latest. But here you can change the size of pip as as big or small you want.

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How do u make your screen bigger all I can see it the very tippy top


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Guys, i think i have found the answer to the Mac issue in Skype of not having a big enough PIP.


Its actually quite simple, but very effective. Instead of trying to make your PIP bigger, simply open your preferences, select the audio/video tab and use this as your 'PIP'.


It is twice as big as your normal PIP and you can also have it anywhere on the screen.


Please let me know if this helps anyone???

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No this is not helpful because what is "this"? More specificity would be nice. 

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By 'this' i meant your preferences video, which could be used instead of your 'Picture in Picture', as it is twice as big as the largest PIP.


Hope this helps!

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Your not making any sense ..... how can we be on a call and use that?n):


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