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Mac 10.7 - Skype 5.8 update failure.

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Everytime that I try to update Skype I get a failure message of: Skype was unable to install the update because the old application can’t be overwritten. How do I fix this?

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Same here. Its actually getting annoying. Because every time skype asks the update and fails. My environment is exactly same as Jusin99's. Mac 10.7.4 Skype 5.8 update. Any solutions please.
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OK third user with the same problem. Update downloads and then upon clicking "relaunch", this is the error message:

"Skype was unable to install the update because the old application can’t be overwritten." It's nice that you provide the Skype Community Support Network, but at some point, you need to review issues and provide solutions - not just wait on a "customer" to figure it out and reply/to help everyone else. The previous user posts are over 2 weeks old.

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Read this

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Have you actually downloaded the new Skype.dmg file and then clicked on it to bring up the dialog box so that you can drag the Skype icon over to the Applications icon? Then you get asked if you want to keep the old version or replace it.
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I got the window that says new update so I click install skype and when it is finished installing it tells me to close skype to complete installation. I do that and then try to drag the Skype icon to the Application Icon on my MAC and nothing happens. Everytime I update, I have no idea if it updates on not. When I check my profile it does not show the new version #s. I am sure I do not know what I am doing but that is exactly why I need directions. thank you
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Ok, I did exactly what rwakeford suggested above and got further than before but after I click replace I got the following message and do not know how to proceed. Msg read -"can't be completed because item conversation call Footer.nil is in use" so what does that mean and now what am I suppose to do? Why isn't there an 800# that we can call to speak with a human and get direction on installing updates? thanks, for any help anyone can give me.
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Please see my post name esc telling how I followed your directions and got so far but not all the way, now what advice do you have? thanks
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At the moment I've got Skype version

I download the update but then when I try to open the file what I get to is the error message:

There is no application set to open the document “SkypeSetup_5.10.0.114.msi”.

What to do?

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I had this same problem (the first one mentioned in this thread) and rwakeford's suggestion worked for me. 

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