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Loading chat history, Skype freezes

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Have the same problem... Please fixxxx!
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Having the same problem. Freezes when attempting to load 'All' and one year. The others work fine though but I need something from over a year ago. Isn't there any other way to view conversation history than doing it in the actual Skype software? Surely it saves it locally on the actual mac somewhere. This is pretty annoying.  

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has anyone found a fix yet?

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Again, same here. Tried to load 6 months and let it run for as long as something would happen. After 4 hours it showed the start of the roll (6 months ago) but as soon as I merely touched it (to select all & copy) it went to ur evil friend beachball again. Left it for a night and a day, but still. Totally crap deluxe.


I'm using a permanent system monitor (istat menus, OSX 10.6.8) which showed CPU's went up to almost 100%, and memory for as much as possible (up to 750MB on a 2GB RAM machine with 2 different browsers open, Chrome eating most).


Hey Skype people! Are you reading this? Looks like a LOT of mac users have the same problem...

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First of all; it's kind of obvious it would make your computer freeze, at least a little. If you've talked a lot, your computer has to go through 6 MONTHS of messages. They won't appear instantly. You've gotta just leave it for a bit, it'll get around to a couple of months or so, but even then you still have to leave it (because everytime a message is re-opened at the top, you get sent straight back to the most recent message at the bottom.)


So really,  you just have to leave it be. That one message though, about leaving it on all night, then I guess something is a bit wrong, or maybe Mac's are used to handeling so much previous data. I dunno. Why not try going 3 months back, and then going by week's or something? Instead of skipping all the way back to 6 months.

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I hope the people that work at Skype read this. 


This is pathetic, this problem has been dated back to 07, 2011. You (people at Skype) have yet to answer any of these posts. 


This is pathetic, and this shows how poor your customer service is. As big as you are (Skype) you do not have enough respect for your customers to take the time to fix the problem, or simply just to reply to a post. 


Your customer for over 6 years. 

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Yup, same problem. Opening history within Skype locks Skype and I am forced to quit the application. Pls fix ;-)


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I have a Mac OS X 10.8 and Skype version and my history is freezing, my last communication when clicked on freezes after continuous restarting and re-installing. is there anyone from Skype is able to assist with this issue.....?  Thanks



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This is certainly a v5 problem.  V2.8 timestamps every chat, and keeps the lot.  On a G4 1.25GHz with 1GB of RAM (about 8 years old...), selecting all for my chat history (chatting every day), got the rotating dots (not beachball) for about a minute to load 2 years of extensive chats, then quite happily displays, & move up & down the chat history.


Still looks as though v2.8 offers a very good experience compared to v5...  Still easy to get v2.8, warning on Skype Mac download page that Skype needs 10.5.8, goes to latest v2.8 download page.

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V 2.8 is still freezing for me when I try to load my history. 

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