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Lion upgrade breaks sound quality

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Casual Adventurer

Have you had any chance to see if it was working now?

Novel Tourist

This is an old post, however for what its worth, yes it is a OSX USB problem (Lion), it can be fixed though by configuring your USB headset in Utilities/Audio MIDI Setup.  You should find your headset listed in the left column. Select the Output tab and change the sound Hz from 32 down to 16. Yes this will slightly downgrade the sound quality, but for voice/Skype its hardly noticable.

Novel Tourist
I dont know if there is already a fix out, but this helped a lot to work again with the head set. Thanks
Casual Adventurer

LOL!!!! It's 2013 and it's still broken. "We're working on a fix" in 2011.


At least it's reliable... I can make this problem occur on command on any Mac. All you need to do is patch at least one phone number into the conference call. Multiple Skype users are ok, but a phone number destroys the connection instantly.

Novel Adventurer

Just bought a new Plantronics Marque2 solely for Skype use on Macbook Pro with Mountain Lion and yeah seeing same issue; intermittent but precise pauses in the audio. 


Makes it impossible to hold a conversation.


So basically have bought a $30 paperweight due to a Skype bug; thanks Skype! :X

Novel Tourist

same problem here with a logitech h800!!


i am very upset, skype really s****... who needs half a year to fix such an issue? and the still without any solutions?!?!?!?! 


great work skype!!


Novel Tourist

That solved the problem for me. Having said this, it shouldn't be the solution but merely a workaround till the issue is actually solved by SKype.

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