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Lion upgrade breaks sound quality

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Reliable Adventurer

Same here: Logitch USB headset, but even worse for me as on my new MBP, people can't hear me at all.


Time again for a concerted evaluation of Skype alternatives.  So tired of this **bleep** from Skype.

Reliable Adventurer

More info from




Hello everyone,


I have some answers (not solutions) for this issue and a response from Apple's engineers regarding the issue.


After extensive testing, recording the audible issue, sending system captures to Apple and working with Tier 2 support - I've finally recieved a response that they are acknowledging there is a software problem within OS X. They initially told me this was likely hardware issue or third party problem but finally concluded they needed to fix Apple drivers.


HOWEVER - there is currently no timeline for this fix. In order to show Apple how important this problem is to us all there are 2 things you can do (please do BOTH):


1) Submit a bug report here:

     - be very detailed!

     - the more bugs apple gets regarding this issue the higher they will prioritize a fix.

     - Apple DOES NOT monitor these forums and will not accept your complaining here as official report.



2) Call Applecare (if you have coverage) and report the issue.

     - Offer to send them a system capture (a small tool they will send to capture your system details etc.)

     - tell them about the many discussion on thier offical forums where they can get more info

     - offer to assist them in any way possible to have this problem further identified and fixed



Doing these things will help fix the issue faster. Please take 10-20 minutes of your day to do these things!


I can confirm that the issue hapenns on ANY Mac post-10.5.7 with virtually ANY (7 different brands tested) third party USB microphone.


I hope you will all take quick action and help apple solve this annoying problem.


Thanks and goodluck!

Casual Adventurer

Have we got two seperate issues here; one for bluetooth (wireless) headsets and one for USB (wired) headsets?


 On my wireless headset, all other apps work fine with audio, whether outgoing (headphones) or incoming (microphone).


It's only skype that doesn't do outgoing audio properly.

Reliable Adventurer

No, the issue is universal: no outbound audio for either hardwired or wireless devices.

Novel Adventurer
Any update on a fix yet?
Casual Tourist

Very poor that a 3 party call cannot be initiated.  When will this be fixed?

Novel Tourist

Same problem with Dell BH-200

since MacBookAir i7 works with Lion and no more with SnowLeopard


with 10.6.x newer had problems !!!


Skype support:


Please look with Apple for a solution !!!

Casual Adventurer
Setagana, that's a lie,

2 months later and there is still no fix!!! You guys always say 'working on it' but nothing ever happens
Novel Adventurer

Wish I had found this thread earlier this week -  I have purchased and RMA'd two different Bluetooth headsets - they worked beautifully with iTubes. The only issue was with incoming voice on Skype - choppy and clipped so as to be unusable.  Running OSX 10.7.3 and Skype

Casual Adventurer

Now holding my breath because it looks like the latest update has fixed it....


Fingers crossed!

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