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Latest Skype and Mountain Lion crashes on my IMAC

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Latest Skype and Mountain Lion crashes on my IMAC - Lates Skpe and OSX crashes on my LAPTOP - Only iPhone working....Been a user years and this problems is major...Uninstalled and reinstalled updated everything and still hangs after opening them (NOT RESPONDING) force quit only option.  


I use this for my business and now loosing money as a result... Furoms say nothing and seems skpe now it a problem but are not admiting it or fixing it....


Anyone have the fix for this nonsense on all my machines except iPhone as at present this seems to be working,

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I'm literally having the same problem. Works fine on the phone but have to force quit often on the computer with Mountain Lion any time that I click on a FB friend message. I hope they fix it soon! Someone said that installing the older version works but I can't even figure out how to do that.
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I recently upgraded to Mountain Lion OSX 10.8. I did a clean install of skype and it still crashes. I have to force quit every time. Please advise on how to fix it, quickly!!!

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same with me, someone please help
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