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Is UI fixed?

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Novel Adventurer

Hi, I'm still using Skype v2.8. When I saw what the next big Skype version had in store for a UI I immediately knew I am not going to upgrade to that. I absolutely do not want a huge window filling my screen like that.


Anyway. I just came to check the main site again to see if maybe something was changed. (I know a lot of people complained.) Then I saw this:


www.skypeassets . com/content/dam/skype/images/site/features/instant-messaging-main-hero.jpg


(@site admin: please do not put a crappy message preventing me from posting links like the above, thanks)


An image from a "features" page here: . com/intl/en/features/allfeatures/instant-messaging/


(@admin: why does the parser not like that URL? it's SKYPE.COM, really..)


So am wondering if that is a non-up-to-date graphic or if the UI was changed back to the good way?



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Novel Adventurer

Nope, the UI in skype 5.x is just as bad as ever.  


It seems the people at skype are playing ostrich and sticking their heads in the sand on this.


NOBODY likes this new interface. It is large, cumbersome, and difficult to use.  


v5.x needs to be discontinued, and the v2.8 series should be fixed for lion and maintained.


Beware, video on v2.8 does not seem to work in Lion.  If you need skype 2.8, do not upgrade to lion. 

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