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Immigration proof of relationship

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I'm trying to get proof of our relationship by using the skype history for our immigration docs. Is there a way of downloading our skype to skype call log and chat so we can print it?


Thank you

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In your own special way, I think you are about to write internet-history now.


I will help if I can


Let me do a little research on this one.

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Hi again matthewjbrewer


I have been in the deep dungeons of Skype. The informations are there, they look crappy but definitely authentic.


The folder we are targeting now is the chatsyn folder. In the Skype chat we also get notification on the calls that we make. So chat and calls should be on the same piece of 'paper' - in the same log. Right?


Take a look in  -


Users [your] name > Library > Application Support > Skype > [your] skypename > chatsync


First I suggest that you make a backup of the Skype folder before poking around in there. The simpel way is to click the folder and presse cmd-D (dublicate) and the use the dublicate for your investigation.


Back to the target:


In the folder 'chatsync' is the history of all your chats. 

As I mentioned; it looks crappy.

Now we are miles away from the nice Mac Graphical User Interface.

But if you can master the patience, the informations should be there.


When/if you find the informations you are looking for, I suggest not making any edit to it. If needed, later on the print can be matched to the corresponding file in your computer. 


I wish you good luck!


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Thanks for the help, but there doesn't seem to be a Skype folder under Application Support. I Looked under Mac HD>library, as there wasn't a library folder for my user account even though I'm the admin on the comp.  



Thank you anyway for your time.

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Oh yes, that's tricky.


OSX can have a number of libraries.

One for the Machintosh HD and one for each user.

Often there's just one user.


You started at Macintosh HD, instead you shall start in Users [your name]

When you follow the path now, you will go directly to the Skype folder.


Good luck!   y):



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Thanks in advance!

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Hi! I have the same ordeal as matthewjbrewer and I would really appreciate if you can enlighten me with downloading and printing our call and chat logs. Windows 7 is my computer's OS. I'm really looking forward to your response.

Thank you.
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Hello emjae_62003 I would love to help you but Windows is out of my league. What we did on matthewjbrewer's Mac, was going into the Systemfolder and picking up the informations from the sys/log/skype-folder. Since I have no Windows-PC in front of me, I'm afraid that I can not guide you to the similar folder on your PC. Instead I will suggest that you go to and make your post there. I am sure the guys over there will be able to guide you into the sys/log/skype. Good luck!
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The other solution used by a friend in exactly the same situation is a bit laborious, but does give useful info.  Granted this was done in the far more user friendly version 2.8, but hopefully Skype 5xxx & 6xxx has not mangled the interface too much for you to do this.


Select a contact in the contact list, click on the call menu, which includes "View call list".  Clicking on a call shows more detail such as time, duration as well as the call destination.  If you hold the Mac key, then you can open more than one at once.  The solution to create a call history is to take a screen shot (Apple/command key plus Shift key plus 4 [3 gives full screen] converts mouse to cross hairs, drag from one corner to opposite corner of area to copy, release, appears as .png on desktop, opens as photo in Preview) of each call or group of calls.  Then add these pngs to a word processing document to create a printable list, would suggest Open Office, or Neo Office the Free/Open Source office application, my experience of MS Word is that when you have too many (4 or 5?) photos in a Word document, it throws your formatting away and places the photos at random in the document...


This worked for my friend, but do make sure you have photos of the two of you together!

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Did you have any luck with this issue for Windows 7?  I am trying to achive the same thing, I found to do the job in a very crude way.  I my self think some one inspecting the application might think it was a fradulent attempt. 





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