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I can't delete people's messages

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I'm the creator of a group chat, and sometimes people feel the need to spam a link ~3 times, so I delete the duplicates. This avoids people from clicking all 3 links and expecting differet content...but finding it's the same thing and they wasted time clicking the links. It also allows me to delete gore that people post.


Anyway, for some reason I can't delete messages anymore. Either someone put some kind of a hack in the chat or it's just bork for me. I can't edit messages either.


I can delete/edit messages from my iPhone though, and I can still delete/edit my messages. I'm on Skype version on a Mac running OSX 10.8.3.


And as an addition to hacking...once someone went cray and started spamming the chat like mad. When I tried kicking them, it wouldn't work, it would say the user was kicked but they weren't. Either they had a hack in place or the spamming caused it to lag and not kick them. Is it possible to hack Skype to override the op?

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Same, and it's annoying.
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How long ago did it start for you?


I think I noticed it just yesterday.

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Just  when  you  get  on  the  one  you  want  to  delete in  solid  color then  just  pres (click) on  KEY board button DELITE top right   OK  and  good  luck

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Nope, nothing works, it only works on ipod/ipad.

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