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I can see them but i can't see me

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I'm going make this short 

I have a MBP 10 months old running SL and latest version of skype


My brother and i were going to video chat (he has a MBP 3 years old.


I have not been able to video chat at all, and i know it's not me not knowing what to do.


1st image is from the preference pane in skype using Facetime, as you can see it does not work the camera light on my MBP does not even come on.

Facetime works fine with other apps.







The second image is if i select isight, now i get a green screen but the green camera light on my MBP comes on.



My brother and i spent over half an hour but no go!


I can see and hear him, he can hear me but no video.

What's wrong? i even created a new login but the same thing no video, i even tried different versions of skype!


I'm stumped

If someone is having the same problem i could not find any info that helped




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Skype video doesn't work if Facetime, iChat or Photobooth are running. You have to close them all, as well as Skype. Restart Skype and you should have your video back.

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Thanks reakeford for the info but i have done what you said but still dosn't work


But if i use OS Lion no problem worked 1st time and still does, but why not SL.

Iv'e tried creating a new user 3 to be exact, but it does the same exact thing as my first post.




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I have the same problem all the applications that use my camera are working fine, but skype.  I see them they don't see me. Previous skype (5.0) was working, that means it is not the camera.  System is ML on MacPro.

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did you get a successful response on this ...still stumped

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