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I am online, but no one can see me.

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I have Skype version on my Macbook air. I used skype alot and it worked perfectly fine. But now it doesnt work at all. Im online but no one can see me, and all my contacts are offline, altough I know they are online. I have tried to reinstall Skype a few times but the problem remains. There is no firewallproblem because Skype works for my room mates which is under the same wlan-connection. What can I do?


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I have the exact same problem, someone please reply to this!
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BTW, my work Skype works just fine on the same computer, so I think it must be some kind of problem with my account...
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Please create a new Mac user on your Mac, switch to that new user, log into Skype with the new user and let us know if that works.

Mac Mini Server 2011
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Yep, seems to work fine on the new user. Any way I can get it to work on my old user? Would hate to have to switch to a new user, have a lot of settings on the old one...

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my friend has the same problem, he sais hes trying to call me from skype, but i see him as offline. please someone i need it to work! D: 

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