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I am on mac - how can I take a snapshot?

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either ctrl-alt-3 which takes a photo of you whole screen or ctrl-alt-4 which only snap shots what you want  

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Full screen = shift>command>3

Selected part of screen = shift>command>4

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Message Listing said reply post had no text, so here it is again:

Full screen=shift > command > 3
Selected portion of screen=shift > command > 4
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Unlike the Windows version, the Mac version of Skype doesn't include a snapshot feature. You can use the Mac OS X built-in app "Grab" which is what other people are recommending with the key combinations (imho). It will save a fullscreen, window, or selection to a TIFF file, which you can then re-open in Preview and save it as something else if you so desire.


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so what?  beacause mac has the opportunity to take screenshots the skype doesnt give you the chance to take a picture of your friend? I cant understand it !! I also have a mac and this was my question .. Skype please make a new skype version for mac and give us the chance to take picture of our friends normally from skype and not from the mac! 

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also after you do CMD + Shift + 4


you can then press space bar.. and the crosshair will convert to a camera that will size a perfect cut for the window of your choice

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Where do you go check the pictures of the snapshots you took?

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they save to your desktop

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