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How to removed Facebook contacts

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Casual Adventurer

I recently downloaded the new version of skype and it asked me if I wanted to merge my facebook contact with skype. like a fool I said Yes, and it imported all my over 1000 contacts into skype.


I have removed the skype app from facebook.


I manually deleted all the contacts, but I still see the facebook tab in the contact section.


Is there any way I can remove the facebook tab. ? I use apple computer. with OS 10.7


any help will be much apreciated.

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Novel Tourist

I had the same problem, plus even after I've disconnected fb from skype, everytime I open skype now it logs me out of fb. whats up with that?

Casual Adventurer

I even used a app cleaner application and removed all the files of skype from my mac and reloaded the skype again. However I still see the facebook tab in the contact section of my skype software ( for mac ) If I right click on it, I see the option of edit or delete but it is not highlighted so I can not delete it. I tried to drag and trash the facebook symbol out of contact section keeping comand key pressed, but it did not help.


any help will be much apreciated.

Community Manager Emeritus
Click on "Skype Home" on top left in your Skype window.
Then click on the blue cogwheel icon on the right hand side and select "Disconnect from Facebook" from the menu there.

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Casual Adventurer

i already disconnected from the facebook, but the facebook tab still remains. it does not go and it is very irritating.

Casual Adventurer
Yeah that does not work unfortunately
Novel Adventurer
The same thing happened to me, I would appreciate if someone from Skype tells us how to get rid of Facebook from Skype and not just disconnect because that does not remove Facebook contacts!
Novel Tourist
how did you manually delete the contacts from facebook...i cant...and i cant figure out how to delete a conversation either????? so anoying
Novel Tourist
Great and THanks. worked like a charm.
Novel Tourist

If you just don't want to see your facebook friends listed in your contacts list just click on "Contacts" in the Skype bar and under "Contact Lists" just choose Skype.  The FB contacts won't show up any more.

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