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How to remove history or clear all history contents?

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Hi all,


I've just installed 5.3 and the UI has changed. On the left side, there is a 'tab' for contacts, recent and history. I would like to clear the history 'tab'.


Can anyone please advise me on how to clear all the contact chats in the history 'tab' ?


Thank you



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how do i clear my history tab
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Login Skype (mac). Go to Preferences under Skype tab, Privacy tab, select "Never" on "Save conversation history" or choose Delete History tab.

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on Skype menu, tools, option, select. Then select Privacy settings at left. You have "keep history for". Press "clear history" button. If you want, select also the "no history" in the drop box.

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Macs don't have 'tools.'  You'll find the Privacy settings under Skype's Preferences.

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Does Microsotf dev team plan to add this functionality? This question has new meaning in connection with Snowden...

How to remove messages from Skype server? Not from application. (When you remove messages from application than reinstall it or connect from another device you can see all deleted messages)

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