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How to open 2 accounts at the same time on MAC

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I have 2 Skype accounts and want to be able to sign in to both at the same time on the same MAC. How do I do it as I cant find anything anywhere that may help. Thanks

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Casual Adventurer

Novice and Easy and $50: 


VMware 4, may open same account or have multiple accounts active on one computer. 


Advanced and complicated and free:


sh-3.2# pwd


sh-3.2# man profiles









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Casual Adventurer

This solution requires the use of Terminal, an app included in Mac OS. It is an advanced-user app that might be intimidating for basic users but is quite simple to use, at least for the intentions of this solution.

The instructions are written for the inexperienced-in-Terminal basic user. Otherwise, this solution can be inferred by the solutions posted in the links at the end of this post.



Having Skype already installed in your computer and already open:

1. Open Terminal. (If you don't know where to find it you can search it using Spotlight)

2. On the window that Terminal opens (a white window with a line of text awaiting for you to type) write: "sudo /Applications/" (you can copy&paste from here, it has to be everything between the quotation marks, including the space between "sudo" and "/App..." EXCLUDE the quotation marks).

3. Terminal will ask for your user account password (the same you use when you log in to your computer or install an app).

4. After a few seconds a second window of Skype will open.

5. You can close the Terminal window if you wish. (Some users reported this closes Skype too although it hasn't happened to me, if it does you will have to minimize Terminal and keep it open as long as you need the two accounts.)


This solution/procedure is based in the very similar solutions posted by:

kai_schroder in

ccalhoun in

ems_904 in

Note for advanced users: This solution is basically the same kai_schroder posts although greatly explained for basic users. Compared to the other two solutions, it simplifies the need of a second user account in the computer by using the 'sudo' command in Terminal.


FOR SKYPE: Clearly Mac users are in need of a better solution from Skype.

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