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How to Switch between 2 webcams during a call?

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I would like to be able to switch between 2 web cams during a call.  I know there's CamCamX out there but unfortunately, it seems that one of the web cams has to be an iSight (integrated Web Cam). Since I have a Mac Pro, I don't have any integrated webcams. I have two external HD ones.


Is there a software or solution out there that would allow me to switch between 2 webcams in Skype?





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Anyone has an idea?
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Have you tried CamTwist?

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Skype for Mac does not have a support for switching from one web camera to another during a video call. Skype will always use the "default" web camera. 

We cannot guarantee that third party software like CamTwist works with Skype. 

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