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How do you take a picture of the person you're video chatting with?

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On my old computer & Skype you could just click on the + and then there would be the Take a Picture option.. Now once I downloaded Skype on my Mac, I clicked on the + and there is no Take a Picture option! Is there any way I can take a picture of the people I'm calling with Skype on my Mac?

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Use the OSX trick: CMD-SHIFT-3 will allow you to select the portion of the screen by dragging across it.  When you release the mouse button, you will have your snapshot.

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CMD-SHIFT-3 captures the entire screen as a jpeg, saved as picture(number) on the desktop..

CMD-SHIFT-4 converts the mouse into cross hairs so you can drag from one corner to opposite corner of the area you want a picture of, release mouse & picture saved to desktop.


Having saved the entire desktop, or picture, you can open in Preview and crop by selecting the area you want to keep, then crop is on the tools menu...

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