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How do I change my Username on my current account

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Casual Tourist

Is it possible to modify or change my users name on my current account.  for example, change gene32605 to eugene32605?  

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Nope, afaik.

You can change your screen name in the profile however.



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Il n'y a aucun problème que l'absence de solution ne puisse résoudre ! ;-)
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you can change your screen name but not login skype name. Get a new account is my advice an import contacts.

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Casual Tourist
Yes how to change my Skype name?
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It is absurd that you can't do this.

it s completely an idiotic programmer that would tie a username to anything so important as to not allow it to be changed.

User accounts are assigned in the database to a ID and the ID is used to access everything else, not the username.

Hence, there is NO reason that the username should not be editable.

The fact that people add your username to their contact list has absolutely no relation to this as the user ID should be saved in addition to the usernames and the ID is what should be used to populate the online status of the user NOT the username


It is Neglegence that caused this problem.

Even the windows usern manager allows editing of usernames.

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