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How can I hear myself in headphones to avoid speaking too loudly?

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Novel Tourist

 In audio terms called foldback or monitor level.    Aircraft headphones "fold back" a little of your mic audio so you hear yourself as if the headphones weren't on.  Makes speaking far more natural.  I am using Skype quite a bit with headphones and it is difficult to speak without hearing myself.  My search of posts and the web did not provide an answer.  I scoured the Skype app and did not find what I was looking for there.  


David Balcaen

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Novel Adventurer

Cell phones are by now notorious (and their users despised) for having that same deficiency. So it comes, sadly, as no surprise that VOI lacks it, too.



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I agree - I just got a nice headset but since I can't hear myself at all, it's pretty hard to use.
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I found the answer of a different forum...

The Problem: you can’t hear yourself when talking on a Skype call when using the Microsoft LX-3000 headset although other can hear you.

The Solution (assumes you are working in Windows XP):

Go to Control Panel
Select Sounds and Audio Devices
Go to the Audio tab
On the Sound Playback section, click Volume
A speaker menu will open, on it go to Option
Select Properties
Under “Show the following volume controls:”, place a check mark in the microphone box
Select OK
Now back at the speaker controls you should see the microphone controls at the far right
Uncheck Mute and adjust volume
Voila! Fixed!

This is for Windows 7:

Thanks so much for this! It also works under Windows 7:

Control Panel / Sound / Playback Tab.

Select your headset in the list of playback devices and click Properties.

Select the Levels tab.

Click the mute/unmute icon to the right of the “Headset Microphone” level – make sure it does not show a mute indication when you are finished. You can adjust the volume of the microphone here too.

Thanks to MHough dot com and Jamie for the info. It was driving me a little crazy, too.
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Had the same problem, OS X doesn't have a built in functionality for this, but I found a little free app that does exactly that:



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