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Exporting Chat History?

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Casual Adventurer
Hi--exporting chat history is still not available in version 5.2, right? Skype removed the ability to easily export chat history, as far as I can tell, when it moved to version 5, and hasn't brought it back. Does anybody know why? It's obviously very frustrating...why wouldn't you want an exportable record of your chats?
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Novel Adventurer

Agreed, Along with removing the ability to delete individual converstations, this has to be one of the most frustrating things Skype has done to date......Microsoft insinuating it's big brother mentality?????

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This is extremely frustrating. Removing such a capability is sheer nonsense, in particular since it worked so flawless before. If Skype is not bringing this ability back, I need to find a way going back and see if I can get version 2.8 working on MacOSX Lion.
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Well, there is a way to back it up and export it. Though it requires going under the hood a bit. Nothing bad though - and a lot of people have done it with previous versions of Skype and OS X.


Explained here:


(Just put that in your address bar, as this forum doesn't allow links.)


Basically, just follow those easy steps (if the Library folder is visible to you, then just ignore those parts)

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For importing Skype chat history can be used Ruby program -

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Hey I appreciate the help with this link--but it actually doesn't seem to address the problem I'm talking about. I want to be able to export my chat history so I can read it outside of Skype and save it permanently somewhere else. In previous versions of Skype it created HTML files of all your message history, so you could just copy those to somewhere else...
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this is also useful! but I'm trying to export not import....
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Based on a quick test, it looks like you can highlight text and copy and paste into another text document. You can also 'select all' (command-a on a mac), copy and paste into another document. Not ideal for a huge looong history but it's something..

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I agree, these links they are providing aren't helping at all lol. I too, need to send my messages from my skype mobile to my email to have copies of the conversation, and windows messenger always had the option to save the messages, so why wouldn't skype have that ability as well if they are in partner with windows live?
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Easiest way ever:


1. Open the conversation you want to save

2. Scroll to the top of the conversation

3. Select the maximum history range

4. Wait for everything to load completely

5. Press Control + A to select all

6. Press Control + C to copy

7. Open a text editor

8. Press Control + V to paste

9. Save & celebrate!


If you want to have it in a spreadsheet I would suggest doing a Search and Replace. If you do a search for both AM] and PM] in the history and put a tab space after each, you can copy and paste the result into the spreadsheet.. the date & time will be in 1 column and the chat text in the second column.


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