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Downloading skype on my new Macbook

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Casual Tourist

I just got my first Mac and I'm trying to download skype which I never had any problems with on my Dell but it is absolutely refusing to download. I've tried countless times. It will have the downloading thing in the upper right hand corner in my browser and eventually will stop around 1.3 MB and call that finished downloading. When I click on it it says that it's not recognized. Any help would be much appreciated! I have 3 new baby cousins I want to meet! Thank you!

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Novel Tourist

I'm having the same problem.

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Novel Adventurer

I don't think it has anything to do with your macbook. I didn't have any issues downloading Skype to my macbook. I think Skype is having some serious difficulties right now. All the latest posts complain of many different problems. I can't make any calls, or check my voicemail. Hopefully they will fix it soon so you can see your nieces and I can call my Mom. 

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