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Disable Mood Messages FOREVER

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Mood messages are incredibly obnoxious, and I want to remove/disbale them forever. But I do not see any settings in Preferences for this.




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You may choose not to burden others with your mood, but if your contacts prefer to use them, you're pretty much stuck with them. Ah, for the good old days of simple telephony without all the bells and whistles...
Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem.
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Are there any plug-ins which block the **bleep** things?

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You can disable the mood message feature. I use a Mac. If you use Windows, the preference window may have a slightly different layout. However, the option should still be there. First, go to the advanced preferences page: Skype > Preferences > Advanced Then, uncheck the "Enable Mood Message Feed" option. Voila! Your life should be improved.
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Thanks, I have done that on Mac. But still sometimes seem to get them. Maybe a bug which will be fixed in an update.

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I also disabled them on both my work and home Macs and STILL I get them. They are seriously aggravating! Clearly Skype has a massive bug in it. Glad to see I'm not the only one who doesn't want the world to know what [edited for inappropriate language] mood I'm in (especially right now). Hey Skype, is there a [edited for inappropriate language]mood message?

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I have been all through this board looking for fixes for this and other issues, and almost all I see from "super users" are posts like this with greater or lesser degrees of snide condescension. Aside from being insulting, Skype's approach to this is downright retarded.


First off, how can their own moderated message board possibly not be an "official" support area? Please. At best, "community support" is a cheap method to avoid paying for actual support staff. At worst it's an image control scam. Neither scenario is focused on actual support.


By "scam" I mean a way of avoiding the public's questions while simultaneously feigning openness. By giving us a hosted place to vent they are merely presenting a facade of attentiveness. And whenever a comment or question gets too critical the always-present "super users" swoop in to assure us that Skype Knows Best so we can just Like It Or Lump It. And yeah, I'm putting "super users" in quotes because I'm sure many if not all of them are actually staff members or shills.


It's sickening.


You already know this in your heart, but here's what's really going on. Unerasable mood messages and that auto-loading home thingy are asinine "features" dictated into Skype by its half-witted marketers and execs who suffer from Facebook envy. What these awkward design elements are actually for is to try to trick us into thinking Skype is Facebook. Or Twitter. Or whatever the Internet fad du jour is.


While I'm sure this works on a lot of grandmas, it's still crass, underhanded, moronic and annoying as hell. And as I said earlier, insulting.


Dear Skype staff,


Your bosses are idiots. And so are a lot of you.


Yours with seething annoyance,


The Internet

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TO THE SKYPE STAFF: Please fix this issue as soon as possible. It has been going on for quite a while now and is extremely annoying to a lot of people but should be fairly easy to correct on your end.
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I agree - infuriating. It took me a long time to find out this. I'm using Mac. Go back to Skype v. 5.3. If you are using Time Machine backups (on Mac) it's easy, pick a date in early February 2012, you will find 5.3 there. Replace the I think i deleted History as well.

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My current Skype says version


Not sure where 5.3 can be found. Do I want it? Or is v2.8 somehow better?


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