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Dial Pad Tones Not Working after Skype update

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Casual Tourist

After upgrading to Skype version, I am unable to use the dial pad while in a call - for example, to enter an ID for a conference call (which is really the only time I use Skype).


I am running Mac OS X 10.6.8.


I have seen similar reports from other Mac users, but none of the proposed solutions have worked me for.


Anyone have any ideas?



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Novel Adventurer

just use a simple DMTF tone generator, this is a nice online java phone dialer applet: (skype didnt allow me to post the link here!!!)

 so 1. go to google and type: dial tones applet

2. Click on the first result (http// bla bla) thats a good one.



Just make the call, turn your speakers on and loud, get the mic closer,  and press the desired tones on the applets keypad, the machine on the other side will recognize the tones sent through skype...


have fun...

Casual Adventurer
Has there been any acknowledgment from Skype about the DMTF problem? I'm unable to use Skype where a touch tone phone is required to navigate phone menus, and I used to have no problem. (I'm on Lion 10.7.2 using Skype I've tried the keyboard numpad, numbers row, clicking on the Skype dialpad, and all generate a sound but don't have any effect on the other end. I've also unsuccessfully held headphones directly up to my mic. Really frustrating.
Casual Tourist

Having the very same trouble and this workaround didn't work for me. (Skype, are you listening to us? Dialpad is suddenly NOT WORKING for Mac users. This makes it very frustrating for those of us who use Skype to check voicemail or dial in to conference lines. The tones used to work, why don't they work anymore? Please advise, thank you!

Casual Tourist

iphone dialpad tones do not work to open voice mail.  Dreadful.  Help?

Novel Tourist

I am having the same issue. I was not able to dial into my Monday meeting this morning. They better fix this issue quickly.

Novel Adventurer

Doesn't work on PC too. Since the latest upgrade it all went pear-shaped.

Casual Tourist

Not only Mac users are having dial pad tone problems - me too on Windows 7 Ultimate


It's a pain in the ZORCH !!



Casual Adventurer


Just to let you know that I just discovered this issue on laptop running Win7 Pro (previously dial pad tones worked).  I have also found a work around, at least I think I have - it worked this one time thus far.


I used the View menu to change from Compact View (where the call window is seperate) to Default View (which joins the call window and Skype main window together) and my dial pad tones were accepted by recipient phone router.


Hope it helps.



Casual Tourist

Not working on my Mac, iPhone or iPad.... I had to turn the sound up on my iPhone and hold it next to the speakers on my ipad to navigate a bank menu.... this is my only way to contact my bank as I'm overseas - frustrating!

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