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Delete contacts

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Casual Tourist
what you do is select the contact you want to delete than press the delete key or go to edit in the toolbar and choose delete
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Novel Tourist

I found out how to do it, on a Mac. All you do is click their name once in the contacts list (their name should now be highlighted in blue), then press "delete" on your keyboard (above "enter"). A box will appear and ask you if you are "sure you want to remove _______ from your contact list?" Click "Remove" and voila, they're gone.

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Novel Tourist
You need to delete from the Address Book column (to the right), not from the Contacts list from the left. The contact you want to delete may need to be offline before you can remove them. Then you need only to highlight the contact on the right, and press either the delete/backspace key, right shift & "delete contact".
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I have tried all the methods suggested, but none work.  When I hit the delete I just get a plonk sound.  Surely this is something the operators of Skype should have resolved, as it is clear there are many users that have the same problem..  Any ideas how to get hold of Skype to get an answer?  I have downloaded the latest version - still cannot delete contacts!!

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Thanks for your advice - but it didn't work for me on my Mac - I don't have a 'right click' system and when I highlighted the name, the option to DELETE in the EDIT menu is greyed out. Pressing the delete key doesn't work either. What a rubbish system! Aren't there any competitors out there? Everything went downhill after I downliaded an upgrade....



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Casual Tourist

This worked on my Mac. Hi-light Skype (not address book) hi-light image and name. Then hold down option & space bar. In drop down menu go to 'close'. Images were gone.

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Accepted by Claudius (Community Manager)
‎28-08-2015 11:00

Go to contacts in your skype menu, go to edit in the very top left corner of your screen and hit delete.  As easy as that.

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