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Delete contacts

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I want to start separating my work contacts from personal contacts by putting them on two different accounts. But I don't see how to delete the existing contacts on the latest version of Skype for MAC. When I right click on the contact it only gives you the "block contact" option which is kind of aggressive and not the message I want to send to my work contacts. I merely want to back-step and delete them from this account (and then add them to another separate "work" account).


Any suggestions?


NOTE: I have tried simply hitting delete on the contact but that does nothing. 

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Accepted Solutions
Casual Tourist

Were you evert able to get a response to your query about deleting names from your contact list? I have tried to edit my contacts and drop many of the land line contacts and have no way to do it. Delete Contact is gray and unusable. If you did have success on an answer, please let me know. I am using a Mac, so don't know if that is the issue or not.


Dave Pemberton

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Go to contacts in your skype menu, go to edit in the very top left corner of your screen and hit delete.  As easy as that.

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I'm having the same problem. Has anyone found a solution to this?

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I likewise am having the same problem. Right now, I can't even block or know what to do with them when they are blocked. A frustration with this kind of system is that, having said this and written this here, I will have no further response. What has been written will simply languish with no one to offer a solution. Where else does one go to get the needed assistance to know how to deal with this? I've gone to help to find the procedure to delete a contact, and it doesn't work. The "Delete Contact" is grayed out. Update: I just received a response for a help request on this issue and was told that someone will respond in 12 hours. I'm not about to hold my breath, though.

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I totally agree with your sentiments.

What has been written will simply languish with no one to offer a solution. Where else does one go to get the needed assistance to know how to deal with this? 

I hope others will Tick the "Thumbs Up" to give this a higher rating.

I read a post where the reply was to Press the Delete key, as if I and others haven't tried that one before.

Deleting a contact should be a simple function, especially if like others, one gets the occasion spam contact.





Maybe you simply should untick "Show Address Book Contacts" from Skype Preferences >>> General ? 

Those contacts can not be deleted from Skype, of course, whereas the other contacts can be.



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Il n'y a aucun problème que l'absence de solution ne puisse résoudre ! ;-)
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I am so pleased to see that others are as frustrated as me!  Why is it so ruddy hard to DELETE a contact!!!  It is like a form of torture to have to look at people you have blocked and people you don't care about continually popping up to tell you they are online! I DON"T CARE!!  I want you OFF my contacts list.  Like most here I have also researched and tried everything and nothing works.  Why is every option except the ones we want grayed out??  Why are they there if they don't work?  This has been going on for years with Skype saying in 2008 that it was fixing it.  WELL FIX IT!!!!!!!  Yes I am really cranky about it.

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I just went into Skype Preferences and selected SEND US FEEDBACK so maybe if all of us did that it might register on someone's radar?





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OK, Superuser. Would you tell the rest of us how to delete contacts. Simply being told that it can be done is not a lot of help.


Looking forward to an answer! Thanks.

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As with most software, different versions will display different behavours.  So to ask this question without identifying the version makes it difficult to help. 


With the current version, right clicking on the Skype contact has delete just below block.  As someone else pointed out, you can also show your Address Book in Skype, but it is unlikely you would wish to delete a contact in there via Skype.


I will agree, however, that Skype lacks intuitive features and sure seems to have a very poor record of assisting Mac users.

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I found a way to DELETE CONTACTS and I found it myself help from here goes and it does work....STEP 1.)highlight the contact u want to delete from your contact list.....STEP 2.)right click on your touch pad/mouse pad.  There will be an option to choose that says REMOVE FROM CONTACTS ,select that option---BUT still not finished yet!!!!  you will see that the contact name STILL EXISTS on your contact list ,but dont on the name AGAIN (maybe even double click on that name u wish to DELETE)and a box will come up asking u to BLOCK THIS PERSON ,answer yes to BLOCK THIS PERSON and there goes-that contact name is FOREVER GONE FROM YOUR CONTACT LIST and BLOCKED SO THEY CANT CONTACT U EITHER.  I know,I know we shouldnt have to go thru this 2-3 step process BUT it does wrk and I only figured it out thru trial and error.  If there is an easier way I dont know of it BUT  this works .  BUT I MUST ADD IT DOES NOT WORK IF YOU WANT TO DELETE A GROUP FROM YOUR CONTACT LIST.  I cant seem to be able to DELETE A GROUP FROM MY CONTACT LIST-I can only HIDE A GROUP and that does remove the GROUP FROM THE LIST,thats the only way I found how to DELETE A GROUP FROM YOUR CONTACT LIST.  Hope this helps ya'all---let me know how it wrks for u.

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