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Delete contacts

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Were you evert able to get a response to your query about deleting names from your contact list? I have tried to edit my contacts and drop many of the land line contacts and have no way to do it. Delete Contact is gray and unusable. If you did have success on an answer, please let me know. I am using a Mac, so don't know if that is the issue or not.


Dave Pemberton

Community Ambassador

Oops.  Apologies.  I inadvertently marked this post as having been solved.  It isn't.  Again, my apologies!


Now that I've aired my clumsiness...


It may be that you've chosen to allow Skype to access your Address Book.  If that's the case, you'll be unable to delete them except by choosing NOT to display Address Book contacts in Skype OR deleting them from within Address Book.  If that's the case, you'll find Show Address Book contacts in Skype's General preferences.  If it's selected, untick it.

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I'm using Skype on my iMac running Snow Leopard.  I've unticked the Show Address Book.  When I blocked a couple of users they did indeed dissappear from the top of my contact list.  My list of contacts one month old or older however seems to be permanently  written in stone.  I don't want to see them there. Lots of them are spammers and solicitors of sex.  I've blocked them, but I can't get rid of them.

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It seems you can delete a contact by selecting the contact and hitting the delete key if he/she/it if the contact has a Skype name but deletion is not possible if it only has a phone number. I'm referring to version 5.3 and the 5.4 beta. A uniform way of deleting contacts seems an obvious improvement.
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I am not able to find skype preferences , can any one help ?

I want to delete the entire contents or selected ones if possible , but cannot figure out-

I just bought a subscription  "premium " a live chat was included , I am not able to find the live chat , 


Please help -


Cheers !


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I'm also unable to delete any contacts. I select the contact, but the option to delete is grayed out; hitting delete does not work. Mac 10.6.8; Skype CAn we please get a Skype tech to help us? Its very frustrating.

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I'm using Skype 5.1.1 on my Mac, and I am having the problem of not being able to delete two people who have sent me a request each to chat with me. I don't know them and don't want them in my contacts list. I did not add them to my list until tonight because I don't want them there, but then I tried to delete them, but nothing worked, not even after I added them. They didn't even show up in my list when I asked to see all my contacts before I added, them. Once I did, I could see them, so using the instructions from Skype about deleteing someone, I tried again. I did all the things in their instructions, shut Skype down and restarted it, and they are still there just not as contacts. They lost that status, but I want them gone. How can I do this?
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I am having the same problems with people soliciting "whatever"... I want to get rid of their names in my contact, but it seems impossible? has anyone found the answer to the problem yet?


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Skype version:

MacBook Pro: Lion 10.7.2

This is what worked for me: Go to skype. Click on contacts (the little blue book icon on the left). Select the contact that you wish to delete (the contact gets highlighted in dark blue). Click on the contacts tab (not the blue book, but the gray bar up there), then click delete contact. 

You can only delete a contact that is selected/highlighted.

Sorry for my lack of technical terms. 


Select the contact, then COMMAND, SHIFT, DELETE 

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I just simply right clicked on contact and chose the bottom option which is close and they 

were deleted


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