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Creating a custom status?

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Thanks, I understood this also, but what instructions 'below'? 'Below' where?


The instructions that I see in this thread are not clear, even if they are for a custom message besides the avatar.

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I would like to set a certain mood only for a limited time. For example: "I am in Malta" but until Feb 2nd ...after this date the mood shall revert automatically to some Default mood, for example "Back home". The same concept can be applied to status .... I want to be "offline" or "not available" for the next 2 hours, for example (I am at the opera), then revert to "Available" 


thanks for considering my proposal




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I fairly boggles the mind that this isn't an existing feature. I hope Skype takes this kind of into account as they merge with Windows Live Messanger. Because in WLM, setting custom statuses has been in place and use for a long time.

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Didn't work for me, but I would like one of my custom statuses to be bathroom related, lol. Because one of them always is for other IM clients.

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I understand that I can create a new "mood message" that would tell people that I've run to the store, but I have to open my profile to do that. Being able to create a custom status would mean that can change it from the icon on my task bar. We're not missing a feature, we want a new one - one that a lot of other message clients let you do.


Hey there

there's this trick for putting your mood message straight to your toolbar. 

Open the Terminal application (in your Applications/Utilities) and paste in this command:

defaults write ShowMoodMessageInToolbar YES

and press enter. After that restart Skype and you have an easily editable mood message in your toolbar




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It has been changed to " mood " field now. Its on your profile. profile window opens when you click on your name at top left.


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Thanks for the mood-at-your-fingertips tip for Mac.


How do you do it for Windows?

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