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Chat window size

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I cant get the IM window size to be narrow. I know how to resize it but the limitations are lame. I have written skype to try to get them to change it but so far no change that I am aware of. I just updated to version 6.3 and was very disappointed that they didnt add that feature.(to be able to make the IM window very narrow)


I keep version on my computer as well as the new one just for chatting so I can make the IM window very narrow and to the side of any other open documents or windows. But it is a hassle switching back and forth.


The old version will let you make the IM window about 1.5" - 2" wide, much narrower than the new one. I have attached some picts for comparison

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Novel Adventurer

I have same problem and dont know what to do!  Very frustrating!!

I cannot use v2.8 because people with iPad cannot video with me so I am stuck with this crappy v6.x

Any soluton in sight???!!!



maybe an alternative for you could be to minimize the main window, then select "Contacts monitor" from Window menu. Then you get a narrow window with all the contacts and the individual conversations can be dragged to be smaller than the main window.

Hope this helps a bit




Novel Adventurer

Thanks R but I am using a Mac and that function is not available.


You should have it, i'm on a mac as well.

So just open the "Contacts monitor" from this menu:

And then you should see this:

Novel Adventurer

Ok, now I see it, thank you!

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