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Changing / Editing Skype home page ??

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Casual Tourist

How do I do this ? (I am not a facebook member either!).


My Home page has a contact profile of a friend and all his music choices ! I do not particularly want to view his bad choice of music overtime I log how do I change the home page ?


Thanks guys.

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dont know but how can i delete things from the home page i type
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Thanks, Skype, for providing WORTHLESS customer service!! You have multiple questions and 0 answers!! Do you expect your customers to do your work for U???????????



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I agree with all these posts, I have a skype home page full of rubbish and cr*p I don't want to see.

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I have the very same reply, huh?
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Same problem - still no reply?y):

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Same problem. Lot of distracting noise on the home page from acquaintances. The noise and the inability to block/change the noise makes Skype really unattractive.

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Same problem here! I despise finding the nasty music choices of a work colleague. She knows we all cannot get rid of her picture being repeated 20 times, she obviously has attention deficit disorder.
Skype, listen to your customers and fix this please !

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Hey there!
Even though you cannot change the start page, I just found out you CAN hide all his/her updates:


Put the cursor over the left corner of any of these updates, and an X will appear. Click on it and select:
"HIDE updates from..."

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how do i change my friends name to (ect) my bff????? plz tell


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