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Can't see the other party on video calls

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I have a Mac. When I make skype video calls, my party sees me, but I can't see them. They have a Mac air computer.


It is so frustrating....Can anyone help please...

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I have the same problem.   I'm new to Skype so I need help on this as well.


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I've got the same problem as well..

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This is really annoying!  Would someone please DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!  I recently updated my Skype to the latest version, and I'm getting HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE video calls -- takes 3 or 4 tries to actually see the other person on the other end, plus it's SO **bleep** SLOWWWW if I do get a picture (same computer, same connection as before).    What's going on with SKYPE?  I've been a Skype user for years, and I have to admit that this is as bad as it gets!  Very dissapointed . . .

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I am using an IMac 27 and since switching to a router I cannot get a picture but they can see me.
Seems others are having the same trouble too
Would like an answer
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It seems I have the same problem as many of you.  I have only used Skype a few times before and that was on my old PC and it all worked fine.  I recently brought a 27" iMac and now i cant get Skype video to work properly.

The other person can see me and we can both hear clearly - but i do not get an image on my screen, it is just black.

However, if i click on the help button, the help scren opens and there is a "small" video image of my friend there.  I can then close the help screen taking me back to the black screen with the "small" video image in the centre of the screen.  There are no controls to increase the size and it is really too small to be of much good.


Does anyone..... like a Skype technician read and answer these questions - or is it up to us to muddle our way around until someone comes up with an answer?


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Yes I have exactly the same problem. When I click on Facetime I can see a small picture of the other party.

Someone please help!

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I'm having the same problem.  I have a MacBook Pro and everything is latest version.  I can see the other party, but they can't see me.  My settings are correct, and when I check Skype/Preferences/audio video - the webcam works fine.


Need help please! 

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Same issue as everyone else here. i can see my other party, but they can't see me. Is anyone going to give an answer for that?
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I also have the same problem described here on a brand new Mac Book Air 13". Just updated latest version of Lion OSX and Skype for Mac on Christmas day. No help in the support forums, can Skype look at this and answer?
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