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Can't open my Skype account

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I have downloaded the application. All is well until I try to open my page. At this point my daughters page opens in my account. 

Any ideas ?

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Assuming you've installed Skype from the .dmg file, all you need to do is sign out of your daughter's account and sign in with your username and password.  When Skype is running, click on the File dropdown menu (third item from the left at the top of your monitor's screen).  Sign Out is the last item in the list.

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You must open your Skype account from your application icon like you're signing up fo like you're signing up for Skype
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Do not open by typing into the Do not open by typing into the address line on your browser. That's only how you sign up for Skype.
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I have same problem. further skype insists that i merge my account with my daughters


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