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Can't make outgoing calls

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I'm using Mac OSC 10.6.8 with the latest version of Skype.


I can't make any outgoing calls, when I try to call it starts to connect (no ringing tone) and makes the bubble type sound before cutting off. The strangest thing is that the contacts I am calling can call me and we have no problem.


I've tried reinstalling which hasn't worked.


Can anyone reccomend a fix?

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Casual Tourist

i have this same exact problem too. it only started to happen very recently... not sure exactly if it was with a Skype update or since i upgraded from Lion to Mavericks.... but one thing for sure..... IT"S VERY FRUSTRATING !!!!!

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Does anyone have an answer?

Novel Adventurer

PLEASE someone help! I can't beleive a company as big as skype doesn't have an actual support department at least by email!

I PAID  to be able to make outgoing land line calls with skype, it hasn't been working for over a month.

I call out, it gives me the "bubbly" hang up sound instantly then says I have to pay.

My subscription doesn't run out until June, (two months from now)

I have lost over a month of what I paid for.

This is my business line and this is totally unacceptable, PLEASE SOMEONE ANSWER THESE POSTS!




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I have the same problem. It's got gradually worse to the point that it doesn't work at all.


When I make a call there is a sound Skype "dialling" a number, it then goes silent. It doesn't ring out and it never connects. After a while it will hang up.


I'm on OSX 10.9.2 and Skype Version 6.15. Anyone with an answer out there??



Novel Tourist

I cannot find the flipping DIAL PAD, ---REALLY??? So, no, cannot make any calls, sure took my $$ for credit , though...  S


So You are on a Mac, can you shed ANY light on how this works? I created an account over a year ago, nothing looks the same...

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we also cant make any outgoing calls, instead of calling the landline number, skype is trying to 'connect'. please skype support assist or refund our skype credit, thanks

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I also have the same problem, on two different laptops. Where is the answer?

Novel Tourist

I'm having the same issue, please advise.

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