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Can't hear other person

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I have the latest version of skype and have used the online help I've found but it doesn't seem to be working. I can't hear the other person when I'm on skype. When my settings are on "Built-in microphone" the other person can hear me but I can't hear them. If I switch it to "Built-in Input" I can hear them, but they can not hear me. This issue is really effecting my skype and I would love to fix it but I do not know how. Does anyone have any idea? 

Please help =) 

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Hmmm...'Built-in microphone' is correct.  The speakers, however, need to be set as well.  That's the OUTPUT setting.  Choose 'Built-in Output.  Those (in and out) are chosen in Skype's Audio/Video preferences.


Next, double-check the System Preferences (under the Apple icon, top left corner of your screen).  Click on Sound, then select Output and be sure your internal speakers are selected. Then, in the same window, toggle Mute once or twice for good measure.  It should end up unchecked.


This is all meant to implement the simplest solution, forgetting headphones, Bluetooth, and external speakers for starters.  Once you've checked the settings in both Skype and System preferences, use Skype to call echo123, which is a Skype site to test audio in and out.  Simply follow the voice prompts.  If all's well, you'll record yourself and hear it coming back at you.  If all is NOT well, come back here where someone with more expertise than I possess may be of better help to you.  

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Thank you, I tried all of that with no success. Still can not hear the other person. 

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One more thing to try (pretty obvious, but I didn't think of it; another poster did, 'tho): be certain your speaker volume is not too low. Other than that, I'm out of both ideas and expertise. Sorry...
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Windows 7 Skype version has the same problem with two different bluetooth headsets.  It is not the case that the headphones are muted or configured improperly, because inside Skype:


Tools -> Option -> Sounds -> Play this sound


does indeed play sounds through the headset, but


Tools -> Options -> Audio settings -> test green arrow on Speakers line


does not play anything even though the volume indicator shows that there is sound being generated.


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I have the same exact problem as the first post on this page. Either I can hear the other person or she can hear me, we can't have a proper conversation. Done everything with setting preferences and skype preferences. Please tell me you've fixed it and how? HELP!

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I also have the same problem. It worked fine until I downloaded the nem Skype version on my Mac with OSX 10.6.8 (Lion). Now I cannot hear the other person, even though they can hear me. I have been using Skype for 6 years, now I am stuck. All my settings for Mac and Skype are correct. Any new ideas?

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I have the same problem. I can't hear the other person. I can see them. They can see me and hear me but I cannot hear them. I have done everything that the Help suggested and it makes no difference. I redownloaded Skype. I have version 5.3.59 1093. I decided to upgrade my operating system to Snow Leopard 10.6.8.  That didn't help either. I still have the same problem. I will download Skype again and report what happens.


Is there anyway to contact the Skype Technical people to see if they are aware of the problem and are doing anything about it?


It is disappointing when I have just upgraded my Internet connection so I can see my OS relatives clearly and now it doesn't work.


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I decided to download Skype Beta for Mac and now it is working. Apparently Beta means it can be unstable but it is working better than what I had before, which was hopeless.

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ok recently me and my girlfriend were skyping but the lighting on video was poor so she moved her pc which obviously meant she had to kill the call but when she called me back she couldn't hear so we messed around for awhile and it turns out skype changed her speakers to digital output as soon as she changed it back hey presto she could hear me so it's probably worth checking that out

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