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Camera not Working on MacBook Air (today's last version)

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Novel Adventurer
Good evening! I tried everything I read I this community (restarting, opening photobooth, etc.) but I didn't want to install an older version unless it was necessary. The thing is I can call everyone but without video and in preferences the camera is not detected (FaceTime and photobooth work fine). Any advice? Thank heaps!
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Accepted Solutions
Former Staff

Apple has released a supplemental update of 10.8.5 that fixes the issue:


Apply this update and you should be good to go! 

Please note, however: if you have previously modified the file to make it work while Apple was preparing the update, you will need to revert to the original file before updating to make sure everything works correctly :-)

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Casual Adventurer

1) Download the attached file.

2) Go to Finder>Go>Go to Folder

3) Copy and paste this into the search bar: /Library/CoreMediaIO/Plug-Ins/DAL/

4) Open the folder and move the current item in there (should be AppleCamera.plugin) to the trash.

5) Replace that file with the new one (the one you just downloaded)


I had the same problem and that was what finally worked for me after hours of troubleshooting. (Based on my experience downloading the older version isn't even worth it; I tried and it didn't solve the problem for me. This was literally the only thing that worked.) Good luck!

Novel Adventurer

Mate you solved my problem! Thank you so much for your help and the fast response!


Novel Tourist

I had the exact same problem with my MacBook air and I followed the instructions and have video again! thanks

Novel Tourist

THANK YOU!!! :cathappy:  Had the same problems for two days (MacBook Air), tried everything, and this worked!!! You made my day, thanks! 



Casual Adventurer

No problem, glad I could help!

Novel Tourist

I can't believe you guys are going the the same thing at the same time!! Hahah GREAT. anyway, I'm confused, idk if i did it correctly but... my camera still isnt working :'( PLEASE  HELP!!

Novel Adventurer

Hi All,


I still dont have a working camera

The moment I copie the link in Folder the mac dont find anything even after I download the attached file, PLEASE HELP its driving me crazy


Who can help me?



Novel Adventurer

After following your instruction my face time is totally off. This is really disappointing.


I had the same problem. By following your easy instructions, the Air's built-in camera is now working again with Skype. Thank you so much!!

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