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Calls not Full Duplex

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When I talk with a friend on Skype, he has full-duplex sound, but I don't.  Whenever I make ANY noise, the sound from his side is muted down to nothing.

I'm on a new MacBookPro using a Logitech USB Wireless headset.

I've been unable to find any settings to fix this.

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first of all,

I feel your pain friend ;] 


let me say this right away,

Skype is a half-duplex application, it seems that the loudest sound/noise will take the available one channel 

and mute the second one.


one of the following should work for most situations : 


1) use a GPRS mobile call and mute skype while keeping the video feed.

2) SIP phone such as teamspeak will do just fine, play around with the codecs on both sides for best results.

3) Viebr/fring for voice and skype for video.

4) bring up a secondary Skype with a second user name on both computers, each Skype will handle one channel, one Skype is muted but plays remote sounds, and the other is not muted but has the speakers disabled.



Good luck ;] 

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Couple of questions. How do you know your friend is full duplex? What is he using on his end? It seems like because you are using a headset, you are sending him the full duplex, but he may not be using a headset, which means Skype is activating it's echo cancellation. This happens when you are talking and it is coming out of his speakers it will mute or lower his mic volume so there is no feedback bring picked up and fed back to you, aka squealing. If your friend were to use a headset or headphones, this should solve your problem because his microphone won't pick up your voice and his Skype won't activate the echo cancellation. I know all this from my own personal experience when talking one on one and in a group call with a friend who doesn't use headphones while the rest do and whenever anyone starts talking while he is or if there is a lot of background noise on his end, his microphone volume lowers, while this doesn't happen with the other people in the same group call who do use a headset or headphones. I hope this helps and happy Skyping!
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