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Buit-in facetime camera doesn't work

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I am runningOSX 10.7.3 0n a 5 year old imac. Everything going well until I updated to Skype .  Now none of Skype, ichat and facetime do not recognize the built in camera. Spype preferences will not allow me to select a camers. Have even uninstalled skype , still no camera.  Any ideas ? 

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I have the exact same problem! Do anyone know how to fix it? 

I need help!

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I too am having this problem.  I did not have it about six months ago, but now that I am out of town, Skype does not read my camera.  I can see everyone else, but they cannot see me.  Oddly enough, my iPhone does not have this problem.  I too believe it is through an update of Skypes that somehow knocked out our cameras.  Perhaps we need skype to fix their software so that I can select camera in the audio/visual prefernces box.  This is very frustrating.  

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Try downgrading to an earlier version of skype. It worked for me. I've no idea why this should be.  I found this post from elsewhere in this site:

and here is the direct URL:

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hey ,

i was searching also about this an hour ago.

i didn't find any answers yet , but i tried solving it on my own and it works for me.

you said that on your "skype preference" the tab audio and video , the video is not working right?

follow this steps :

1. Click you facetime icon

2. Sign in 

3. Click "FaceTime" the one that's the upper left corner of your screen.

4. Sign Out

5. Click "Quit Facetime"


then check your skype preference again if it's working , goodluck

and if you got more questions follow me on twitter and i'll be happy to figure the answer out for you guys

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I have the same problem! Any solution yet?

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