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Auto Spell Check

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Does Skype have spell check, and how do you enable that option? Thanks.

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Look under File at the top left of your screen (to the right of Skype). Of course, Skype has to selected in order to see it...
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The Mac OS X spelling check for Skype can be enabled if you open Skype, then click on Edit --> Spelling and Grammar and click on the corresponding options.

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I am not pessimistic but just I would like to caution you on your 'enabling' the Auto-Spell Check in Lion. After typing one must carefully watch all the words because invariably the auto corrections turn to be unwanted, funny corrections! In case one decides not to use it, just go to the Language & Text System under Preferences and select the Text tab, turn off auto spell correct.

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Not to be redundant, but when I open my Skype dashboard, I only see (from Left to Right) Skype - Contacts - Conversations - Call - View - Tools - Help.


Can you please clarify what you meant by...Of course, Skype has to be selected before you can see it?



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you are not helping bro

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The fact that your dashboard includes Tools makes me think you're using the Windows version fo Skype.  I suspect that if you were to pose your question in the Windows subforum rather than in the Mac group, you might have a better response.  That's not to say that there aren't 'ambidextrous' folks here who can help you, but there are more lurking in the Windows group.  

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I would like auto spell check facility please.



karthi gnanendran

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(from Left to Right) Skype - Contacts - Conversations - Call - View - Tools - Help is the windows version of Skype, I do not think Skype has spell checking
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On Skype for Mac OS :

-  click 'Edit' menu

-  select "Spelling and Grammar" from dropdown menu

-  click the tiny black triangle icon at right

-  select item to suit your needs.


Et voilà !  


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