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Audio problems when hosting a group video call

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Programs and versions:

Mac OS X Lion: 10.7.2 with latest updates

Skype beta:

(Skype: 5.3 was also tested)


I'm having issues when hosting a group video call. I can the video streams of all the connected contacts, however the audio is incomprehensible: It is kind of robotic/musical and it is possible to guess that people are talking, however it is impossible to comprehend what they say. As though Skype was trying to decode the audio stream with a wrong codec (this is just an analogy).


I was running Skype for Mac version 5.3 and (tried both), all other contacts were running Skype for Windows version 5.5 (one of them


For testing purpose, the same conference call was done when another contact running Skype for Windows version 5.5 hosted the call, and everything ran perfectly.


Is this a problem with Skype version incompatibilities? How can I solve this issue, are there any known workarounds? (If possible I would really need to host the conversation from the Mac Mini).


Thanks in advance for any help/tips

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I have the same problem, and this only occure with one headset : Logitech G930.

Are you also using this problem ? 

Best regards,


Casual Adventurer

I am having the same problems... one on one calls are ok, but bring in a third person on the skype video call, and the audio gets all garbled and sounds like a bad rap song... all choppy.

Novel Tourist

I am having the same problem with Lion on a mac mini and logitech quickcam vision pro.  My macbook air does not have this problem even though my mac mini is connected through ethernet and my macbook air with wifi.  The chip on my mini is an intel core 2 duo 2 GHz, graphics is intel gma950.  I did not have this problem on the mini when snow leopard was installed.  Any help would be appreciated.

Casual Adventurer

Remark: the following information and tips come from my personal investigation. This is no official stuff.


After investigating a bit various forums, I think that the problem lies in a conflict between Skype (for mac), Mac OSX Lion audio drivers, and some particular audio outputs.


This means that if one is not using Lion, there shouldn't be similar issues. However when using Lion, then the issues are present only with some audio outputs (a lot of headsets and loudspeakers are included in this problematic list).


My understanding is that the problem lies in the way Skype is using the new Mac OSX Lion audio drivers: in an unexpected way (from the Mac developers' point of view).


Thus the possible solutions should be:

1. use another audio output and pray that it works ;-)

2. wait for an update of the Mac audio drivers or of Skype. (Again praying that it will solve the issue).

3. [temporary solution] having someone running a windows version of Skype host the video conference call.


If a Skype developer reads this, some kind of feedback would be greatly appreciated. Just knowing that you guys are aware of the problem would be very nice news (if you tell me that the solution is on it's way, that would be awesome).



Casual Adventurer

Skype sucks. Plain and simple. With every update... adds a new problem. I'm so sick of this app getting crappier and crappier. I have this same problem...and skype devs don't care...and I just waisted money buying the "skype pro" for group chat. Fail.

Casual Adventurer

OK....maybe my last post about "skype sucks" was a little too harsh, but I guess my problem is that I'm paying money to a company which is supported "by the users" - and this just doesn't fly. I should be able to call a support person - or open a ticket at the very least. I guess when you have as many customers as skype has...that's not realistic. Hopefully they will fix this Lion issue soon. Skype doesn't suck...well...a little after these new updates.

Novel Adventurer

I believe you have given me the key piece of info to pin point this problem. The Logitech G930 wireless headset. I didn't realize it until you mentioned it. Right around the time that I got the headset was when this problem first started.


This morning after much frustration and trying to figure this out, I decided to use audio hijack pro to rout the headset input and output through sound flower like so:


Create two new audio hijack sessions.


Input Soundflower (2ch) --> Logitech G930(silence output)

Input Logitech G930 --> Soundflower (16ch)(silence output)



Then in Skype audio prefs, set Microphone to Soundflower (16ch) and Speakers to Soundflower (2ch). 


Initiating group call works fine now. This doesn't exactly tell us where the problem lies, but it does however create a work around.

Casual Tourist

I have the same problems with choppy audio in group video calls in Skype on Lion Server 10.7.2. It happens in both Skype versions 5.5 and 5.3, I tried both. We do have a Logitech C910 webcam that we use for mic and video, which has been otherwise great on Mac OS X and great on this Mac Mini Server before I upgraded from Snow Leopard to Lion.


raptsa thank you so much for the workaround, it does work if I have someone else initiate the group video call rather than intitiating it from the Lion computer. guess I'll hold off on updating all our staff to Lion for now!

Casual Tourist

I too am having the same prblem with my mini Mac, my Logitec 910 camera and a simple set of speakers.  The vidio is fine but the audio is crap.  I am using the audio out plug for my speakers and a USB for the camera and mike.

I hope Skype is listening!!!!

This seems to be a problem with Skype and OS Lion and nothing more.



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