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Annoying high pitched beeping sound during call

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My girlfriend and i recently updated our versions of skype to the newest version. Now there is this ANNOYING high pitched beeping sounds, and it is driving me crazy. How do i stop this? i know its feedback from the speakers but how the hell do i stop this? it is driving me insane.

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I'm having the exact same problem. Both of us are running the newest versions. I hear the constant high pitched feedback on both my PC and Mac. Still haven't figured out a solution. Any advice?
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I'm having the same exact problem, but we're both on Windows. It just won't stop!!!! This needs fixed, and fast.

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Did this ever get resolved or does anyone know a way of sorting this.  I have the same issue and have a new macbook (3 weeks old) and will be using Skype almost every day.  I only get this when talking to someone else on a lap top and not when I talk to someone on a pc.....  Any help to resolve and remove the high pitched incessant beeping will be great.  Thank you

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That sound is a form of feedback that occurs with skype and does not occur with other "egG" products.  One solution is to use headphones. This will seperate the incoming and outgoing audio streams. I hope this helps and I wish skype the best. But the beeping sond sure makes it hard to enjoy skype.

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I know this is an old thread but has Skype done anything to help prevent this, I am having this problem severely.  Chirping screech gets extremely loud at some points, very unpleasant.


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I'm having the same problem...did you ever resolve this issue?  I hear it constantly in my headphones, but the person I'm speaking with doesn't.

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I have this issue as well. I run a PC, Windiws 7 and have the past months experienced this. I reasoned that my headset was getting really old, so maybe that was the problem, so I just bought a new one today, and the high pitch is still there. It is really annoying, and kinda ruins the experience.

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I finally had to buy a new wireless headset (Logitech) and the beeping sound is gone...crossing my fingers!

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when my friend and i do skype, she complains about a constant beeping sound. how do i fix this?


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