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I could not access my Skype account in my iMac computer. The message I get is "Account:B_IO_ERROR." I do not have this problem if I use my iPad, my iPhone, or my Macbook. I wonder why is this is so? Could someone kindly help me troubleshoot this problem? Thanks.

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similar problem here



my mac hard drive is just fine....

no idea what the deal is

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Il n'y a aucun problème que l'absence de solution ne puisse résoudre ! ;-)
IMac Intel 27" Retina Core i5 3.3 GHz - RAM 24 GB - OS 10.12.1 Sierra
Skype 7.39.176
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Same problem for me too. I can't use Skype on my MacBook Pro. I wish Skype would answer this question. 

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Casual Adventurer

It looks Skype control files in your Mac are damaged.

Removing them and reinstalling Skype usually works fine.

If locating these files are a problem to you just use a free app like appCleaner to remove Skype and every Skype control file and reinstal Skype.

Good luck

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Novel Adventurer

This is not always true. I ahve the same problem and I have done this. My wife uses the same computer but different computer account and her SKYPE works fine. Same computer. 

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appcleaner works.


normal search found like 3 files. appcleaner found 30.

Delete reinstall and works.


good app to have.

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hi there,


the skype on my mac came up with this very same thing -- & i think it was in response to having being looged in on my iPhone at the same time. i could usually access my a/c from 2 locations previously but it seemed to stuff up this time.


Try "Quitting" the Skype app, then re-opening it under applications & looging in again...


Fixed the problem for me

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i have the same problem whit my iphone do you know what is the probleme

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I have same problem any support
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