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Access Voicemail

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Could someone clue me in on how to listen to new voicemails on my Macbook Pro? I get an e-mail notifying me of a new voicemail message. Skype (the app, not online in a browser) is already open on my computer. I scroll down and see the voicemail message. I click on the Play icon. Nothing happens. I thought clicking on the Play icon would make the voicemail play. Where have I gone wrong?

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‎28-08-2015 11:00

ok so I had been struggling with this as well it would show that I had voicemail but couldn't play them AT ALL. I would click on play and absolutely nothing would happen. I was on a mac and thought maybe that was the problem. But I kept on messing around with it. Until. I discovered that you have to be 'online' in order to listen to them. Now I can listen to them just fine. Makes me quite happy and thought it might be worth sharing it with the rest of the world. That might not work for you but it worked like a charm for me!

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Hello? Hello?

This question is a few months old, and has had 67 views. All 67 of us have finished with no help!



So far, none of us can find them once they've been listened to.


HELP. H E L P !!!  

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Glad to know that I am not alone!  Very frustrating to not be able to retrieve voice mail messages.  Help???!!!???

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Are you using the latest Skype for Mac? Currently it's version 5.3 which you can get from

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How do you listen to voicemail?.

How do you make a phone call ?

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I have installed the latest version of Skype (5.3) and still there is no obvious way to access voicemail.  I received an email notification that I have received a message, but there isn't even an "events" or history listing that corresponds to it.  How do I get access to voicemail from my Mac?

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This is why I don't buy anything from Microsoft.  IT's now the end of August 2011 and this same issue was posted in April 2010.  Skype has such potential but with terrible horrible customer service and the inability to fix issues.   I can only hope that they sell out to someplace like apple or another who CARES about their clients.  

I am looking for other alternatives and figure it is just a matter of time before google gobbles up the open space for this need. 

Yes I am soooooooo frustrated but it's only a matter of time 


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You cannot it is some big secret between skype management and the person who called you.  If you ever discover the secret let the rest of us know. 

I was just listening to a phone call from a friend on voice mail talking to me and he could not hear me and I still can't find his voice mail

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No idea why you can't - if anyone tried to reach you, the no. of messages you received shows up in the contacts field on the right to the contact - click on the contact, open the chat window and click on the play sign. Should it not work, you will have to check your own settings - I am working on a MacPro, MacBookPro, and iPhone and it works just fine - probably why you did not get an answer, too ...
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Sometimes, caller leaves empty voicemails however... 



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Il n'y a aucun problème que l'absence de solution ne puisse résoudre ! ;-)
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