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1 week old conversation historic

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I'm trying to see my old historic conversation on mac. I have the latest version and the conversation are set to 'Forever'.

It keeps trying to charge old coversations but it never does...


How can i access them?



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I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean by "It keeps trying to charge old coversations but it never does..."


For the first part of the question, viewing history is done as follows:


In the contacts window, double click on the contact you want to look at.

Recent history (if there is any) will be immediately visible.

If there is older history available then "View Earlier Messages" will be shown at the top of the window (below the name and call button) and a selection of time periods.

Click on the appropriate period to view the history. eg click on "1 week" and you can see the history for the last week.

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First of all i want to thank you for you patience.

I've done that...i can see the last conversation, ant then when i select ''1 week'' chat conversations it tries to access ('upload') them.. and it keeps forever trying. Then the app freezes and i have to 'force quit'...


How can i solve this..?

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Okay, I think I understand your problem now.


There should be a copy of the conversation both on your local machine and in your Skype account 'in the cloud' so that you can access it when you are logged in on another machine or off-line.


Now, with the information available it's difficult to say what's happening but I wonder if your chat history database is corrupt in some way. To see if it is, you could try one of the following:


1. If you have a different machine, try logging in from that to see if you can access it. Obviously you would need to have Skype installed on it, you can't just access your account through a browser for this.


2. Move or rename your application data folder (you must close Skype to do this) then start Skype again. It should recreate the folder and populate it with information from the cloud. Don't delete the folder as you may need to get it back.


The folder is

/Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Skype

where "[username]" is the name of your OS X user, not your Skype username. If you're using Lion note that this Library folder is hidden.

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Thank you!


Now that i've done the 2nd option i can see one day year old conversations... but not older... although it is set to saver ''forever''...


How can i try to reload the older ones?

I'm using mac Osx Leopard and the latest update from skype.


Thanks a lto for your time and patience.

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I'm glad you got to some older history.


I'm afraid I don't know what to suggest next. I wonder if "forever" really means forever. Another possibility is that it saves forever on your machine but not in the cloud. If that is the case then trying to access your old, corrupt database might be the only option. That may be possible but could be complex.


I think you might have to wait for someone else to comment. I'm sure someone at Skype would know but from what I've seen they rarely answer questions on the forum.

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