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how to install skype on a chromebook

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i just bought a google chromebook. i have no idea how to download skype on it i need hlep please

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‎21-07-2016 17:47

We have just announced support for pluginless calling using Skype for Web on Chromebooks.


Please bookmark/pin to enjoy Skype on your Chromebook 

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Skype comes as a pre-installed application on the google chromebook. If you don't see it you can download it from google chrome webstore.


Hope this helps.

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my google chromebook does not come with i looked into it n i've found out there is no skype for google chromebook

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I have looked on the chrome store a billion times and havent once found a skype app. I have found something to see hidden friends but not Skype itsself.

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You are all right. I was mistaken, they are working on a working skype version on google chromebook. There is a work around though but do not think you can vmake voice calls but can video chat (I have not tested this but thought I could pass the information along). I was able to sign in successfully with this. Other work arounds include microsoft's that has skype integration and skypeface that you can use to make calls. All can be downloaded at the webstore. I have attached a link here webstore.


Hope this helps and sorry for the added confusion earlier.

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there is no Skype app to download in the Chrome store


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Quite frankly this is a mess because of macho posturing from Microsoft and Google trying to show who has the biggest **bleep**. For **bleep**s sake somebody bang their heads together and get a resolution.
Thank you Colin
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Google has a similar product called GoogleVoice but I don't think it is a available worldwide as Skype.  I suspect MS and G are not playing nice so you will likely need to use GoogleVoice.  It is free to make US-US calls through 1/1/14

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i know right! my mom got it for me for christmas and i dont know how to install it i need help!

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When exactly will Skype be realeased on a Chomebook? 


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