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how to install skype on a chromebook

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i have an acer C7 Chromebook and im trying to download skype. i cant figure it

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I have Skype on my ChromeBokk.  


I followed the earlier instruction to register with and then linked it to my Skype account. I was able to sign in successfully with this.



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this is why i dont like chrome, because i never liked linux, ChromeOS (the OS for chromebooks) was a simple build off linux, they put absolutely no effort into it and thats why people abuse the **bleep** out of it, especially all the old linux "hackers"

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Everytime i try and download it it says its not suppored.

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My fix for this problem is to install ubuntu on my chromebook along side the chrome os, here is a link on how to do it:[removed for privacy]

 (This first link keeps getting killed so just google ubuntu for chromebook and look for the lifehacker . com website)

Then once you are in ubuntu download and install skype from within ubuntu, the version you will want to select is Ubuntu 12.04 (multiarch). Here's the link: 


This works perfectly and also fixes other limitations of chromebooks such as being able to run a full office application called libre which allows opening and creation of microsoft office documents for free. I hope this helps everyone.

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No it doesnt because u cant get skype on the store it comes up voice changer and everything.

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rz-sky wrote:



Skype comes as a pre-installed application on the google chromebook. If you don't see it you can download it from google chrome webstore.


Hope this helps.

No, it doesn't come pre-installed, and if you look for it it says that Skype is not currently supported on chromebooks.

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    please can you put skype on the chrome books



tank you


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First question - who are you asking?


Second question - Skype is owned by Microsoft, ChromeBook is Google.  Would you expect Chevrolet to fit Ford seats in their cars?  Or Air India to wear Virgin uniforms?