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What’s New in Skype 1.11 for Linux Alpha

Thanks to all of you who continue giving us valuable feedback. We have another great update for you. Those are some of many new features and improvements coming with Skype for Linux Alpha 1.11 that we are releasing today:


  • Added support for setting avatar for group chats
  • Performance improvements during video call
  • Updated to Electron 1.4.4

Thank you for all your feedback so far, please keep it coming. We're listening!

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Novel Adventurer

You guys are doing an impressive job !
We do really appreciate your effort and hard work to make the best for linux users.
I just want to ask my first desire here, and I know it's the most wanted and most asked, but please, do release the group video calls and screen sharing to all users, not only Linux users.
I love you guys, thank you for the job you're doing.

Novel Adventurer
Well, if you're really listening then please add PTSN (Landline/Mobile) dialing support.
Novel Adventurer

A very minor bug in the previous functionality that was implemented: disabling emoticons completely. After restarting Skype several times, either in quick succession or day-by-day usage, emoticons come back. Restarting Skype will usually fix it, or simply going into Settings->Messaging and toggling the 'Show emoticons' option will also fix it.

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How do i download it?

Routine Adventurer

I've noticed I'm not getting notifications from skype even if the chat window does not have focus or is covered by other windows.

Believe the desktop version used to send notifications if the chat window did not have focus, but I might be wrong.

Anyone else noticed this?

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Shocks5054 wrote:

How do i download it?

Just click the link and select your linux distribution