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Skype for Linux Alpha and calling on Chrome & Chromebooks

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squaregoldfish wrote:

When you say 'Not fully functioning', can you say which features are and are not implemented? I appreciate there may be bugs in the features that are implemented - I'd just like to know what's completely missing at this stage.

There's a list of currently available and upcoming features in this help article:

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Thanks. I'll be waiting for video calling to become available (it's the feature I need), but I'll be sure to give it a go when it arrives.

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Casual Tourist

So it's just a web wrapper of the online version? Why even bother

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I don't get it, you just took the Skype for Web BETA client into an app. I saw similar projects, who've done that. I know that you want the best for your Users and I really appreciate that, but you could've done a bit more work in it, so it isn't like a copy of Skype for Web.
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I see... so from the FAQ, with the new Linux version we loose:


One-to one video calling
Skype PSTN calling
Skype SMS messages
Buy Skype credit
Add participants to ongoing call
Change device settings  


.... but.... we have new emoticons !!!!


This is a hell of an improvement for me. Thank you skype, now I can do less than I could do before but with new emoticons.

I thoguth that when people were talking about this as  joke they were just kidding around, but now I see that the reality is even worse than their jokes.

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BTW, if anybody interested, I've just tried ghetto-skype and it is waaay better than this alpha. You even have themes and of course you have both .deb and .rpm packages (as well as the source code).

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Will Desktop sharing be supported?   This has been a bugged feature of the linux app for years and is an essential productivity tool for us.

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I need the option to autoanswer call and video, are you going to integrate that. This is for my grandmother 85 years old.


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Casual Adventurer

This seems to be an actual improvement.


Skype for Linux has improved on many fronts:


  • Updates are now served using a standard APT repository (which can be mirrored using debmirror!)
  • Modern UI
  • Ability to send and receive images with the new OSX/Windows clients
  • Support for animated icons
  • Support for Skype Translator
  • (Hopefully) more frequent updates
  • 64-bit support

If the other promised features are coming in the near future, I'm actually more than happy .


So far so good! Please keep it up!




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WutIneedskype wrote:

Hmm, the skype cant detect my microphone, nor there is an option to select a microphone in the settings. PLEASE HELP

Device selection is not yet supported, but its on our list of upcoming features. 

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