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Loud, Random White Noise during call

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Hello all :cathappy:


When I am making a video call with someone, an extremely loud sound of white noise occurs during the call.


It occurs on my side only, and the other person cannot hear the sound.  It does not matter if I initiated the call or not.  It also happens at random times and with or without video.  Just all of a sudden, I will get an extremely loud television static.


I am at my wits' end because this has been happening for the past 2 weeks for every call I make.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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If possible, for test purpose try using a different set of mic/speaker preferably try use a  usb headset.

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Hello, sorry to hear about the "white noise". I was getting a loud static sound that would start off a little dull and then quickly escalate to an ear piercing screech. I was able to fix the problem by connecting a set of head phones to my computer. I think it may be just feedback of some sort. Once I plug the headphones in, I have no problems. Hope that helps you out...

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Thank you, I will try the headphones idea.


The problem with the loud noise is that it just suddenly happens.  This is why I think it may not be a feedback problem.

It sounds analogous to maybe a television that had its receiver yanked, producing sudden white noise.  

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This has been happening to me for over a year. I describe the sound as an aircraft flying close overhead. It sucks. My mom (who is the only one I skype) doesn't hear it. I'm not going to plug in my headset...defeats the purpose of our calls. She lives in a different state, and we leave it open sometimes while we go about our businiess. plus, if i have the headset on, my children can't hear her. There has got to be another solution to this problem. It's really ticking me off.

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This is still happening to me. I have used different head phones and it still won't stop. Any solutions?

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Are any of the people using the Linux version?  Ever since I upgraded to Skype 4 in Linux, I've apparently been the source of random loud noise that probably is like this.  I don't know if it's the same sound, I have never heard it!  But I know it's me because everyone complains until I mute myself

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Yeah this same thing happened to me too except the other person was hearing it not me. it sucks so bad. What do i do?!??!????!?!?!?

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Headset as in like an xbox headset or can it just be ear phones?


And Is there another solution to get this fixed because I want it resolved besides headphones.



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I've just started with the same problem.  Is there an answer, anybody?????