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ubuntu 13.04

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There's an easier work-around here (and it worked for me):

Basically, open a terminal and paste:
export LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/mesa/
exec skype
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I have the same problem. But if I install open source drivers for nvidia (9800GT) - It works - skype start
System settings - Software & updates - Additional drivers - X.Org X Server... (opensource)

but only if I do not restart my PC or ubuntu crashes (some time happens).

After restart or crash - I have very slow-slow motion video rendering - near 5-10 fps (imposible) -
so I do something like this:
1. install nvidia-304 drivers instead open source
2. logout + login again (restart X-server)
3. get normal rendering speed
4. reinstall opensource drivers
5. start skype

I have to do this after even update of ubuntu or crash ((( - only this way working

During start skype and crash with restricted drivers
If you look in dmesg - you will see smth like this:
..... nvidia had changed api calls
unfortunately, I dont have logs now.
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Same tip, in a single line (better to paste on Alt+F2):


LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/mesa/ skype &


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yes it does on 13.04 then to lock in synaptic for time being
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tried to use 4.1 on Raring and got core dumped message each time tried 3 routes and same

This is for the ones who have had no luck with 4.1
but you need to do a few things

so it does not reinstall 4.1 when you try again [of course this is a trick until 4.1 is compatible for all on raring]


1. sudo apt-get remove --purge skype

2. cd /var/cache/apt/archives/ to see   if you have any remaining debs then to list ls

3. sudo rm *skype*.deb






Install Skype on Ubuntu 32bit [one line at a time]


wget -O skype
sudo apt-get install libxss1
sudo dpkg -i skype
sudo apt-get -f install && sudo rm skype


Install Skype on Ubuntu 64bit

wget -O skype
sudo apt-get install libxss1 lib32stdc++6 lib32asound2 ia32-libs libc6-i386 lib32gcc1
sudo dpkg -i skype
sudo apt-get -f install && sudo rm skype



then go to synaptic and lock version so 4.1 will not be installed at your next update
[this of course until 4.1 becomes compatible for all with Raring]

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Yesterday i have installed kubuntu+skype on lenovo notebook with AMD E-300 CPU/GPU and problem appered on that.

So its not only NVidia issue. I guess its something in openGL libs, or something like that.
Maybe it should be repaired by skype developers.

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A temporary solution for these problems, waiting new updates:

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works! thanks
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I have inverted video that i used the LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libv4l/ skype fix

Now how can i make skype work on ubuntu 13.04?

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