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skype for the new ubuntu 12.10

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dose skype 4.0 works on the new ubuntu 12.10 which is avalible to download fron 1hour

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Were you able to find the solution?

I'm a complete newbie, Linux seems nice... with a couple of glitches, that I guess are pardonable since I'm making an effort to resolve..... but this.....

I don't get it. I just downloaded the 12.10, it doesn't seem to accept it with the skype 4.0 thingy. It always says that it has the wrong architecture after I attempt to install it.

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Did you download a proper version - 32bit or 64bit?

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I'm using Ubuntu 12.10 with Skype no problems.


As bartos suggested it might be that you are using Ubuntu 64-bit and are trying to use the 32-bit version of Skype.


Try downloading the 64 bit version of Skype here:


Hope this helps

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yes and no - i have not been able to install the latest 64bit version in a new 12.10 install. However, it does work in another machine in which I already had skype installed in ubuntu 12.04, and just upgraded the OS to 12.10.
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I am getting the same message about the ia32libs not installed
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You need to read this article


Sorry but two week ago I go to i686-pae kernel at i386 architecture because bad performance of NVIDIA driver for i386 games at amd64 arch. I'm not allowed to test step-by-step solution of problem...


Currently I installed Skype manually to "/opt' folder from dynamic package and manually install needed library after "ldd skype" check of Skype binary file.

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How did you install Skype on 12.10 to get it running smoothly? Did you manually install it or did you do it via terminal?

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can u pls share me exact version for skype 12.10 version???

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I'm having the same thing.  Also, no matter which one you download (32 or 64), both get to the same architecture error message.  Also the download link doesn't mention Ubuntu 12.10, it only goes as far as 12.04.  This is happening in a bran new clean install I made of Ubuntu 12.10. It called my attention that Skype isn't listed in the Ubuntu software store.

Might it be that the proper Skype vercion software hasn't been released yet?

Can Skype moderators confirm or deny this?

With regards

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