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"Problem with legacy client"

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A colleague has started having problems when people call him on Skype. The call fails and skype gives the error "Problem with legacy client". But he can call them without any problems.

He is using Skype on Ubuntu 10.04. I am also using, but using Ubuntu 12.04. I see the error message. Just to be clear, this is voice calls, not video calls.

Any clue where to start with this one?

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Remove/backup hidden Skype folder at user home: ~/.Skype

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stozher, no, just no.
Don't do that guys, it will practically erase Skype from your system.
2013-16-4 I did not find a clue on the internet. Will be back if things change.

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Hi all,

the tip of removing ~/.Skype worked for me.

I am on a Debian OS and recently updated skype. Since then, I
couldn't accept call from anyone. When I was calling someone,
they received the "problem with legacy client" error message, and
managed to have the call working.

I solved the issue by erasing the skype data on my home
directory, like this:
$ mv ~/.Skype/ ~/.Skype__backup

(I could have removed instead of moving, but I wanted to keep old

[Removed for privacy].

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